Strong roots, new paths - the groundwork has been laid.

We can now recombine our resources and skill sets time and again to ensure our market activities are both successful and sustainable. After a good 2019 fiscal year, in which the company grew yet again, we can look to the future with high expectations.

It’s in our DNA to be innovative, explore other worlds and conquer new territory – as that’s what our predecessors were doing nearly 150 years ago. We continue to carry the torch to this day, grow with understanding and build on our skill sets, all the while tapping into new fields of business and exploiting innovative technologies.

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Symrise Global News - Strong roots, new paths

Highlights 2019 - strong sales growth with high profitabilitiy

Corporate Report 2019


Financial Report 2019


A year of highlights 

Our highlights across a sustainable, financially successful year

Our 2019 track record

We track our successes across five key areas: Economy, Footprint, Innovation, Sourcing and Care. In each area, our 2019 achievements show that we’re well on course to reach or exceed our 2020 goals.

Sustainability at Symrise

Symrise assumes responsibility that goes beyond the company itself.

It takes its customers and consumers, its employees, society and the environment into consideration. Therefore, as an international company, Symrise actively supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The 17 global sustainability goals and their 169 subgoals were adopted by all UN member states in 2015 via the “Agenda 2030.” The SDGs show how politics, business and private individuals around the world can tackle the major challenges of our time – from resource consumption to global inequalities and climate change. With these goals, the international community has set a course for a more sustainable world by 2030. Companies can make a major contribution to the implementation of SDGs because they influence the environment and society in many ways – from production to distribution of their products, as employers and in cooperation with partners and suppliers along the supply chain. We are aware of this responsibility at Symrise and want to make an effective contribution to the SDGs.

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