We’re proud of our award-winning successes, but know that sustainability is an on-going journey

By concentrating our efforts on the four key pillars of our sustainability approach – FootprintInnovation, SourcingCare – we’re able to measure our global performance to date while also continuing to set ourselves ambitious, forward-looking targets

Symrise’s recognition as ‘Germany’s Most Sustainable Large Corporation’ and in the ‘German Awards for Excellence,’ occupancy of leading positions with independent rating agencies like CDP, EcoVadis, Ethibel, MSCI, ISS-oekom, and the numerous accolades from our customers confirm that we are on the right path with our sustainability agenda and that we are simultaneously actively supporting the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.Dr. Helmut Frieden, Corporate Sustainability

Our resources and our results

Our CDP Reporting

Below please find the downloads of the CDP reports 2020.

CDP Climate Change Report 2020

CDP Water Security Report 2020

CDP Forests Report 2020

Our 2025 targets

In order to reach our 2025 sustainability goals, we’ve set ourselves ambitious year-on-year targets focused on each of our key sustainability pillars


We’re minimizing our footprint along the entire value chain:

  • We want to increase the eco-efficiency of emissions by more than 60 % compared to 2010
  • Increase the efficiency of the chemical oxygen demand in wastewater by 4 % annually by 2025 or by a total of 60 % compared to the base year 2010
  • Increase the efficiency of sensitive waste by 4 % annually by 2025 or by a total of 60 % compared to the base year 2010
  • Increase the efficiency of water consumption at all production sites in arid regions by 15 % (2018 – 2025)
  • 100 % of electricity from renewable sources (Target remains in place in the long term, but was already achieved in 2020)


We’re maximizing the social and ecological value of our products through a sustainably-minded approach to product development:

  • > 15 % of sales from new product developments*

* Relative to market launch in the past three years


We’re placing sustainability front and center when sourcing raw materials and creating new supply chains:

  • 100 % of our main suppliers (90 % of the procurement volume) assessed according to sustainability criteria
  • 100 % sustainable sourcing of all strategic biological raw materials by 2025


We’re creating lasting values for our employees, while embracing social responsibility:

  • 30% women in the first management level
  • 45% women in the second management level
  • Industry-leading occupational safety < 1.5 MAQ*

* MAQ = work accidents (> 1 lost day) x 1 million / working hours

Sustainability along the
value chain

Sustainability is rooted in our corporate strategy and reflected throughout our entire value chain, including the cultivation and decomposition of our key raw materials, our local partners and suppliers around the world, product development and optimization of our manufacturing processes at the Symrise sites, and sale of our products to our customers and consumers worldwide. We keep an eye on each and every stage of this value chain to ensure a transparent, traceable and sustainable supply chain.

Here you can find more information on the goals and management of our sustainability issues.


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