We craft tasty ideas for your favorite foods and beverages and inspire eating and drinking habits of tomorrow

Taste and enjoyment belong together in north, south, east and west. Excitingly delicious and appealingly unique. We learn about those traditions, trends and preferences, such as food and drink becoming increasingly natural and healthy. Every day we discover anew what people like and give them what they want  tailored to their tastes. We fulfill their desire for a life full of great taste that also supports diverse health goals. That adds variety and taste to life.


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We create taste from chicken and beef, herbs and vegetables and balancing solutions for sauces, soups, ready meals and other culinary products. They provide unique everyday experiences, prized by our customers and savored by consumers.

The joy of authentic food.


Impactful seasoning mixes across meat & smoke, dairy, herbs & spices and vegetable-based ingredients for chips, crackers, nuts, popcorn and more contribute to moments of pleasure that brighten people’s day. And we are devoted to making every snacking moment as tasty and enjoyable as possible.

Snacks to savor for great snacking moments.


Yummy, exciting and colorful taste solutions deliver ideas for confectionery as well as bakery and cereals, sweets, chocolates and chewing gums. Our in-depth understanding of the market enables us to provide consumers with taste solutions that range from pure enjoyment to healthy and natural eating.

The power and passion to create sweet attraction


Whether it is breathing new life into the classic vanilla taste, or finding natural ways to elevate the number one flavor of strawberry, we’re at the forefront of exciting new dairy developments for yoghurts, dairy drinks, desserts, ice cream, dairy alternatives.

Designing standout dairy experiences


A combination of the finest, most responsibly sourced natural raw materials and our large scientific know-how ensure long-lasting success for teas, coffees, juices and cola/citrus drinks and beers, wines, spirits and liqueurs. We also develop solutions for emerging drinks categories, such as energy, sport, instant, syrup and ‘water+’.

Decoding drinks, crafting desire…

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We understand taste and its many facets inside out

First of all, taste is a matter of choice  for consumers, our customers and Symrise alike. As people learn more about their food and drink they want both great taste and the many extras to choose from, such as mouthfeel and juiciness.

In partnership with our customers, our teams respond to those wishes, such as the desire for natural, health and well-being qualities, with multidimensional solutions. They entail ingredients that offer taste and functionality while positively impacting the planet. Our multi-functional benefits range from nutritional and sustainable benefits to taste balancing and application functionality for brands that are truly loved around the world.


million obese people worldwide  6x more than in 1975

[WHO, 2017]


of consumers worldwide are looking for natural factors/ingredients on food labels

[Euromonitor 2016]


of US adults who eat/use meat alternatives like to have meat-free days, such as ‘meatless Mondays’ great taste still is the most important driver

[Mintel, 2017]


Consumers today want it all great taste and increasingly also extra benefits in their foods and drinks. A challenging and versatile task to master for the products they consume. They range from reduced sugar contents, vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian diets with resourceful meat alternatives, to off-notes in plant-based protein solutions as well as freshness and texture in meatless and meat-reduced products.

With our expertise (in balancing taste and encapsulation), we can help make sugar reduced products taste great again. Vegetables, herbs and spices deliver a wide range of flavorful solutions for the big variety of diets, low in calories and rich in nutrition. Our symlife® solutions also contribute to deliciously healthy choices.


For many consumers, ensuring and maintaining our rich natural environment plays an increasingly important role. They consider local, seasonal food and avoiding waste to present key ways to achieve this.

Wherever possible, we focus on whole, nutritious food ingredients and processes that support clean and clear labelling. This includes kitchen-like processes scalable even for our biggest customers so that they can address the ‘back-to-basics’ desire of consumers. To offer premium natural authentic ingredients from a secure raw material base we are also drawing on gentle distillation processes, preparation methods, and valuable side streams for food and beverage solutions.


More and more people are turning to higher quality and also more expensive food and beverages, which have now become a status symbol and it goes well beyond caviar and champagne. It's about raw materials that are actually of a higher quality and about unusual methods of preparation. It's also about presenting everyday products in a new way and selling them as luxury items in order to make them more enjoyable but also to make those who purchase them stand out by buying special, expensive food.


Chefs draw inspiration from sources as varied as cooking itself. Sometimes a love of good food comes from traveling, sometimes from childhood experiences. But there's always an element of curiosity mixed with dedication.

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