“We provide beverage companies with the constant innovation they need to stay ahead of the curve.”

Nick Russell, Vice President BU Beverages EMEA, Flavor Division


Growth of US Retail Market for natural and organic food & beverages between 2016 and 2021

[Packaged Facts, 2018]

17 %

Increase in Low/No/Reduced Sugar Claims in Drinks category in APAC from 2016-2017

[Mintel, 2018]

No. 1

Citrus is the top flavor choice for beverages

[Symrise 2018]

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What we do

Decoding drinks, crafting desire

Our dedicated, multi-functional customer teams understand exactly what our customers need to advance their beverage offering. They draw on expertise from across the Symrise Group to create solutions that combine the most advanced science with the best of the natural world.

Our solutions offer unique opportunities

Fit for purpose, innovative and individually tailored to each of our customers' specific requirements, our beverage solutions draw on the full range and resources of the Symrise Group.

Fit for purpose

We’re able to craft uniquely tailored products that perform competitively across all types of applications, from cost-effective, high-impact taste solutions, to premium, natural and organic offerings. Our solutions meet not only the demands of the application, but global regulatory and quality assurance requirements as well. Strategic acquisitions such as our recent acquisition of Cobell Limited, give us access to new technologies, processes and markets that enable us to craft even richer solutions.

Committed to innovation

We’re relentlessly focused on delivering the most innovative solutions, able to elevate consumer experiences in an exciting, responsible way. We achieve this by combining the best of nature and the most advanced science, as well as wide-ranging expertise and an extensive portfolio.

Individually tailored

Our solutions are developed in collaboration with specific customers, ensuring that each solution meets the unique demands of their products, markets and consumers. Our unparalleled research teams ensure that we’re able to offer unique insights on the latest trends and consumer preferences changing the face of the beverage market — insights that allow our customers to thrive.

We don't just respond to new trends in the beverage market — we stay one step ahead of them. Explore some of the ways that we're able to achieve this. 

How we add value

A total value chain approach

Our breadth of expertise and portfolio is compounded by our ability to identify and deliver solutions at every step of the value chain

Our teams cover technical, regulatory, process and supply chain expertise

Our customer insight and brand understanding includes beverage trend scouting via a truly global network

Proprietary technological differentiation features across our offering

We offer a unique supply chain capability that is increasingly natural, authentic and traceable

Our approach and expertise enables us to offer solutions across the value chain

Consumer insights and market knowledge

Consumer insights and market knowledge

  • Category management
  • Marketing
  • Sensory services
Symrise Flavor and product expertise

Flavor and product expertise

  • Core competences
  • Flavor creation
  • Application
  • Analytical services
Symrise Product safety

Product safety

  • Regulatory services
  • Quality control
Symrise Service and support

Service and support

  • Sales

Leading the market through innovation

We’re constantly evolving our capabilities in beverages, flavors and beyond

We’re pioneers in taste balancing

Our symlife® solutions respond to the evolving health and nutrition demands of consumers around the world — while ensuring that great taste remains at the heart of our customers’ products.

As well as rebalancing sweetness perception in reduced-sugar products, our taste balancing solutions offer enjoyable mouthfeel and other sensations that are highly sought after in the beverage category - these include cooling and heating sensations, as well as fizziness and bitter or dry (astringent) qualities.

Discover our brands

We harness the best of nature and science with Code of Nature

Naturalness is one of the most important drivers in the beverage world, with consumers looking for naturally sourced, high quality products that are both healthy and environmentally-friendly. Code of Nature is our answer to this: a combination of the finest, most responsibly sourced natural raw materials and the right scientific know-how to ensure long-lasting success. 

Symtrap is one example of how we put Code of Nature into action: a patented process that produces natural, authentic-tasting ingredients — all from high-quality source products with a secure raw materials base. What’s more, in contrast to conventional distillation, the process uses almost no additional energy.

Find out more about Symtrap

Discover our Natural X Flavoring Collection

We offer 'Naturally Citrus®' flavors that are refreshingly different

Citrus is one of the most important taste clusters in the beverage world, but one that presents particular challenges when it comes to transparent, natural sourcing and shelf life stability. Our Naturally Citrus® brand offers customers and consumers natural citrus flavors that have a positive environmental and social impact right across the value chain.


Find out more about our sustainable citrus from Calabria

Addressing the demand for natural, nutritional solutions

Our acquisition of Diana Group in 2014 has enabled us to deliver innovative, market-leading solutions with nutrition and well-being at their core

Natural coloring

without E-numbers

Guaranteed active nutrients

with proven health benefits

Real fruit content

for clean label declarations

Our range

We create solutions for alcoholic, non-alcoholic and hot beverage types in a range of innovative, multi-purpose formats

From tea, coffee, juice and cola/citrus drinks to beers, wine, spirit and liqueur, we’re able to meet the changing demands and shifting tastes of the market head-on. That includes developing solutions for new and emerging drinks categories, such as energy, sport, instant drinks, syrup and ‘water+’.

Our expertise is supported by a wide-ranging portfolio

Breadth of portfolio

Great-tasting flavors are at the heart of what we do, and we’re able to draw on true depth within our core competence areas. Naturally Citrus, Simply Vanilla and Think Mint are just three of our brands that offer unparalleled solutions for some of the world’s best-loved flavors.

We’re also able to take a modular approach depending on each individual customer’s needs: from developing top-notes to full, ‘ready-to-drink’ solutions that comprise flavor, extracts, ingredients, compounds, texture and visual impact.

Breadth of expertise

We pride ourselves on the cross-divisional networking at the heart of our business — it allows us to draw on expertise from across the Symrise Group as well as the best minds from academia and other institutions.

From molecular research to state-of-the-art process technologies, we bring unique insights from adjacent business units such as Sweet, Culinary and Fragrances.

Our beverage segments


From black tea blends to pioneering powders

Still and juice-based drinks

Including real fruit and botanical extracts for clean labelling

Cola and Citrus CSDs

Traditional favorites and innovative new takes

Fermented drinks

The best tasting beers, ciders and wine-based beverages

“Beverage 360°”

Answers to the newest beverage questions, from energy drinks to ‘water+’

Spirits and Liqueurs

The most refined classics; game-changing new experiences

Exploring our range: ‘mouthfeel sensations’

Consumers are increasingly looking for beverages that can offer new and exciting taste experiences — that’s where our expertise in tingling, cooling, heating and other mouthfeel sensations come in to play

A quirky new experience for spirit-drinkers

From hot wasabi and spicy cinnamon to tingling ‘electricity’: we provide unusual, experience-enhancing solutions for vodka and whiskey.


From artisanal ingredients to animal-inspired fun

We pride ourselves on creating solutions that enable our customers to respond effectively and innovatively to emerging trends in the market

We innovate across alcoholic, non-alcoholic and ready-to-drink beverages

Channeling Tiki culture

Tiki culture and its associated rum-based drinks are arguably as popular now as they were in the 1950s. Our cross-divisional expertise in fruits, spices and flowers means we’re able to present an exciting range of alcoholic beverages that capitalize on this resurgent trend.

Crafted cola

From natural ingredients to seasonal flavors: as the trend for ‘craft’ colas grows, we’ve introduced a range of solutions that innovatively utilize traceable citrus fruits from across the Italian countryside.

Next-generation tea

Our new range of ready-to-drink teas is a response to increasing demands for healthier alternatives to high-sugar and chemical-laden beverages. Tea 2.0 is positioned between water and iced tea, featuring tea extracts and fruit & herbal infusions, as well as utilizing environmentally-friendly SymTrap® recovery flavors.

A closer look at… game-changing craft beers

Craft beers are one of the hottest topics in the brewing industry, with craft brewers creating extraordinary beers that combine tradition with innovation in equal measure

One of the key elements in a great-tasting craft beer is the choice and quality of the aromatic hops used. We offer our customers special edition hops treated with the utmost care to preserve their desired flavor properties.

We’ve also determined specific botanical extracts that enhance the craft beer experience, such as coriander seed, citrus peels and juniper. Our “Craft Drops” contain exclusively natural flavoring ingredients which add complexity, taste and an exciting aroma to all types of beer.

A closer look at… flamingo-themed beverages

Move over fantastical unicorns, step aside quaintly rustic owls… Flamingos are the latest animal trend appearing everywhere from clothing prints to poolside accessories

An escape from everyday stress is a big factor for consumers when deciding what drinks to purchase, and with their bright, summery associations flamingos also make the perfect theme for a fun range of beverages.

A number of our flavor offerings are helping our customers to capitalize on this trend, from raspberry & hibiscus wine to pink grapefruit & cranberry cider, cool melon beer and 'Think Pink!' juice.

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