“The most important thing in snacking is consumer excitement and enjoyment...”

Nick Russell
Vice President of Snack Category, EAME
Managing Director, NE


of North Americans snack at least once a day

[Mintel, 2015]


of snack-eaters in China prefer trying new salty snacks than sticking to familiar products

[Mintel, 2018]


of UK crisp eaters would pay more for products with adventurous flavors

[Mintel, 2016]


of German consumers agree that most of their snack purchases are unplanned

[Nielsen, 2016]

We're devoted to making every snacking moment as tasty as possible. How? By combining the expertise and creativity of our dedicated teams with the best pioneering technologies.

By anticipating and understanding global trends and shifts, we’re able to offer our customers the right ingredients at the right time, for the right consumers. This not only secures success for our customers, it fuels our own industry-leading growth.

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Inspiring Market Insights

Best in class functionality…

…means applying our extensive knowledge and proven performance capabilities, replicating and testing customer processes, and providing regulatory and quality support.

Scale-up solutions…

…include functionality testing to identify any potential issues, ensuring it is fit for purpose. Our specialist teams support scale-up trials and tailor all solutions for their end applications.

Global expertise, local development…

…allows for a decentralized network that works closely with customers and consumers, utilizing deep-seated regional knowledge and global R&T capabilities.

Sensory and consumer insights…

…means combining sensory science and consumer research to create winning taste solutions that meet local taste preferences.

Symrise Snacks What we do

What we do

Discovering, creating and delivering the best possible snacking solutions


An understanding of the markets, consumers and cross-category influences that impact on snacks is essential to what we do

By leveraging insights from other business units across the Symrise Group — such as CulinarySweet and Confectionery — we’re able to create a unique selection of cross-divisional expertise.

We combine these category insights with consumer, market and brand research that offer a powerful view on how lifestyles, trends and other social/geographic challenges are affecting the snacking world.

Finally, our in-house capabilities offer predictive sensory and preference models that support the design of winning solutions.


Our comprehensive toolkit empowers us to create inspiring snack solutions

Our wide range of taste solutions covers all key snack tonalities, from meaty and dairy to spicy, ‘veggie’ and tangy tastes

Recognizing the growing importance of natural/nutritious qualities, we are constantly increasing our portfolio of clean label solutions

Our innovative research and technology team with access to a comprehensive toolkit of processes and raw materials is able to develop new ingredients, delivering industry-leading IPs

Sustainability is key to the future success of both our own business and our customers’, and we draw on the best of nature via a wide range of backward integrated raw materials

Beyond taste, we offer a complete and tailored sensory experience including color, texture and visuals

Our technology-led global production network secures supply through in-house, multi-location sourcing and production


Our solutions are tailor-made for every application, drawing on global expertise and local deployment

We work with a decentralized network built on deep knowledge and global R&D capabilities, which allows us to stay close to customers and consumers, Our best-in-class functionality includes extensive knowledge of already proven performance in end-products, as well as the capability to replicate and test new customer processes. We also offer regulatory & quality support and guidance that can truly be relied on.

Our scale-up capabilities include functionality testing to identify any potential issues, ensuring that each solution is fit for purpose. Our specialist seasoning team supports scale-up trials and tailor-made solutions for end applications — be they topical, slurry, liquid or in-base.

Beyond taste, we deliver complete brand stories. These have been developed to link the original insights & sensory understanding with the developed solutions.

Symrise How we add value

How we add value


Adding value across three key areas

Great taste will always be our priority, but we also recognize the increasing importance of solutions that are healthy and trustworthy

While the snack segment is a ‘“fun’ segment,” consumers seek an honest and real snacking experience: real products with recognizable ingredients that you can see, smell and taste. Our Diana portfolio supports us in this, with a product range that answers these consumer needs.

Symrise Snacks Pleasure


Our solutions contain a range of high-quality ingredients for stimulating all senses.

Symrise Snacks Health


Our nutritional solutions support a diverse range of snack applications, allowing our customers to make the health claims and clean labelling solutions that consumers are increasingly looking for.

Symrise Snacks Trust


We’re committed to transparency and traceability in our supply chain, offering clean label solutions wherever possible and required.

Our specialized multinational snacking teams bring their energy and ideas to the dynamic, fast-moving world of snacking

We work together to leverage the full benefits and support of a large global organization. We span many countries, functions and categories, always looking to deliver a unique range of snacking solutions, tailored to individual snacking moments.

Our range

Our range is constantly evolving in line with the fast-moving snacking world

Whether we’re developing culinary-inspired flavors based on insights from our dedicated chef’s networks or collections based on growing regional trends. Our taste solutions and applications are always fit-for-purpose and tailored to individual customer requirements.

We create solutions for...

Potato chips (flat, ridged, light, baked)

Stackable chips

Corn based chips (Tortilla)


Bread (croutons, bread sticks and flatbread)

Fruit and vegetable-based chips and crisps

Extruded products



Our core competence areas

We deliver the most impactful solutions across meat & smoke, dairy, herbs & spices and vegetable-based ingredients. We pride ourselves on the comprehensive knowledge, innovative and creative approach and high quality raw materials that allow us to lead the field in these core competence areas. In addition, our symlife® competence area addresses health-related demands in today's snacking world. 

Symrise Meat & smoke

Meat & smoke

Our comprehensive regulatory knowledge leads to a deep understanding of the fit  between current flavors and applications to offer a perfect fitting smoke portfolio, from smoke flavoring to smoked foods.

Our Authentic Meat taste solutions cover:
- chicken
- beef
- pork
- selected further tonalities, based on local preferences

Symrise Dairy Snacks


Cheese is a key taste direction in savory snacks.

As well as defined authentic Cheese profiles, our portfolio also includes further dairy tonalities that offer global taste and local relevance.

Symrise Herbs, spices and vegetables

Herbs, spices & vegetables

A range of over 200 products, offering taste profiles from garden herbs to regional spices from all over the world.

Our range of vegetable taste solutions are market-leading, thanks to our backwards integration on key raw materials and state-of-the-art flavor technology. We deliver taste solutions for the following key snack vegetable tonalities:
- Onion
- Paprika
- Tomato
- a wide range of further, locally relevant taste preferences

Symrise Snacks symlife®More


symlife® ensures we balance the health and nutritional needs of the consumer with no compromise on taste. We deliver solutions for:

  • masking
  • mouthfeel
  • saltiness
  • sweetness
  • umami

Our range in focus: street food thrills and inspiring fine dining

What matters in snacking is: delivering consumer excitement and enjoyment. Consumers today are exposed to more diverse food options than ever before, and they’re looking for snacking options that reflect their newfound palette.

Street food snacking

Street food may not be new, but it’s still revolutionizing the way we eat. Using our core competencies in combination with the market knowledge we built with a cross-category and multinational team, we’ve developed a range of solutions that conjure the taste and spirit of the global street food scene: from chorizo and pulled pork to jerk spices and kimchi.

Find out more about our street food collection

Premium experiences

Whether entertaining friends and family at home, spending an intimate moment with a loved one or simply looking to treat oneself, consumers are looking to bring a gourmet touch to their snacking moments. Our premium collection is inspired by the most luxurious ingredients, from refined French cuisine to indulgent Mediterranean flavors.

Find out more about our 'Gourmet Touch' seasoning collection

Symrise Snack Trends



Trends and insights: re-energizing the crisp experience

We pride ourselves on creating solutions that enable our customers to respond effectively and innovatively to emerging trends in the market

A closer look at… Italian-inspired snack collection

In the past ‘healthy snacks’ struggled to attract interest among consumers, due to their association with diminished taste. This image is now about to change…

Our snack teams work to change this negative perception by focusing on improving the quality of products via promoting a new taste with well-balanced profile and strong impact.

One of the ways we’re achieving this is by focusing on flavors associated with Mediterranean food, understanding that this it is not only one of the world’s most loved cuisine, but also resonates in consumers’ mind as healthy.

Our solutions capture the taste of Italian meats and cheeses; they infuse the likes of rosemary, garlic and other regional herbs and spices. The result is a Mediterranean-inspired collection supporting the image of a snack being and healthier and therefore ‘guilt-free’!

Find out more about our 'Italian Touch' seasoning collection

A closer look at… Middle Eastern attraction

Cultural and geographical lines are blurring, especially when it comes to food

Curiosity and the love of exploring new taste territories is driving consumers to explore more unusual snacks. The flavors of the Middle East are increasingly at the heart of this move, as consumers look beyond better known, Chinese or Mexican-inspired ingredients. Our collection of Middle Eastern solutions draws on authentic cuisine including tabbouleh, falafel, oriental sausage, zaatar and kebab — an exciting introduction to new snacking possibilities.

Find out more about our 'Authentic Middle East' seasonings collection

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