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In 2014 we acquired Diana Pet Food, a global leader in the pet food industry for the past twenty years, offering high-value solutions that improve pets’ well-being and owners’ satisfaction. In recent years Diana Pet Food has expanded its expertise and offering into adjacent pet care markets with great success.


passionate experts working for Diana Pet Food


factories across 14 countries

No. 1

in the pet food palatability market

Diana Pet Food expert brands

Diana Pet Food expert brands provide our customers with sensorial and functional ingredients that meet the needs and desires of pets and pet owners alike

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SPF reinvents pet food palatability to enhance pets’ sensorial experiences and make meal times a shared, happy moment.

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Scent & Care

Odalia develops unique scent and care solutions, enabling pets and their owners to live in harmony.

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Pet health and nutrition

Vivae provides innovative and fresh new natural nutrition solutions, visibly improving pet health and wellness.

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Panelis is our innovation-led and pet-friendly measurement center, providing unique insight into pet preferences and behaviors.

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Pet food protection

Videka creates superior natural protection systems to preserve the quality and tasting experience of pet food.

Our dedicated approach

Our unique approach can be seen in every action and decision we take, built on a strong culture of innovation, pet well-being, excellence and sustainability

Pet well-being

is our no. 1 priority when developing new solutions


allows us to stay at the forefront of a changing pet world


means ensuring the highest quality and food safety standards for our customers all around the world


is about securing a long-term future for our stakeholders and the world we interact with

Symrise The expert brands

The expert brands to best serve an evolving pet market

Our relationships with our pets have changed: cats and dogs are part of the family now, and owners are increasingly behaving like 'pet parents'

From where they sleep to what they eat, today’s pet owners want only the best for their pets. These desires have led to an increasing demand for products that offer more considered, premium qualities.

We’re ahead of the curve when it comes to providing our customers with the solutions they need to achieve this. Everything we do is tailored to improving the standard of pets’ lives, increasing owner satisfaction and elevating our customers’ brand performance.
Shaping the future of pet parenting

The shift to pet parenting is a result of major changes in society, culture and the economy, with pets increasingly viewed as full members of the families they share a home (and sometimes even a bed!) with. This has created fresh consumer expectations for pet food, pet care and other pet services, opening up a world of new possibilities for companies in the pet industry.

Discover more about the pet parenting phenomenon, and how we’re ensuring our place at the forefront of the pet world of today and tomorrow.

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Symrise rinventing palatability



Pet parents want to share unique interactions with their companion animals. Meal times are a key time for strengthening that emotional bond.

Pet parents are increasingly aware of the enjoyment their pets can experience during the meal — and naturally they want to see them eat happily. There is a strategic opportunity for products that not only satisfy pets but stimulate a joyful response perceptible by their parents.

SPF reinvents palatability to create pets’ and pet owners’ sensorial satisfaction, making mealtime a shared happy moment.


Cats and dogs eat in very different ways

Source: DIANA Pet Food

Find out more about SPF, our brand that’s making mealtimes a shared and happy moment

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Symrise Vivae: wellbeing by nature

by nature


We’re all increasingly aware of the nutritional benefits and natural characteristics of the products we consume — for pet parents, this awareness extends to the animals they care about as well.

There’s a growing desire for healthy, naturally produced pet food with benefits that go beyond satisfying hunger. Nutritional benefits, well-being, clean labelling… all of these factors contribute to the pet food market’s move towards premium offerings.

Vivae provides innovative and natural nutrition solutions, visibly improving pet health and well-being.


Some behavioral criteria used to assess dog food performance

Find out more about Vivae, and how it addresses the health and well-being needs of pets

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Symrise Videka: pet food protection

pet food protection,


Pet parents care more than ever about the quality of the pet food they buy.

They want that quality to stay present from the first serving to the last, without the need for dubious artificial preservatives.

Videka creates superior natural protection systems to preserve pet food quality and tasting experience.


Extract from leaves of Labiatae (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Green tea

Catechins extracted from green tea leaves


Gallotannins resulting from the grinding of the gallnut (Quercus)


Existing in most of vegetable oils 

Find out more about Videka

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Symrise Odalia: innovative care

innovative care,
designed for pets


The shift to pet parenting isn’t just impacting on mealtimes — it’s enhancing every element of the relationship between pets and their owners.

As people increasingly move into the city and their pets increasingly join them in their homes, it’s more important than ever to create holistically harmonious environments. Our brand Odalia offers exactly this.

By working in partnership with the Symrise Scent and Care division, Odalia develops unique innovative scent & care solutions that allow pets and their owners to live in perfect harmony.

The existing product range includes fragrances and odor management solutions for cat litters, and will progressively expand to health, body and oral care, with solutions for shampoos, pet grooming, and breath-freshening products.

$46 billion

The combined spend in the US on pet food and pet products
[Euromonitor, 2017]

$5 billion

The value of the cat litter market alone
[Euromonitor, 2017]


of American households own a pet and 87% of those treat them as family
[Mintel, 2016]

Find out more about Odalia, and how it’s changing the relationship between pets and owners

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unique insights
inspired by pets


Panelis is the most innovative and pet-friendly measurement center, providing unique insight into pets’ preferences and behaviors

Our trailblazing, pet-friendly research centers were ahead of the curve when they were launched seventeen years ago. Experts in palatability measurement, they continue to offer evolving, innovative insights into the way cats and dogs respond to new products and trends.

Panelis - Measuring pet food palatability and pets’ feeding enjoyment


qualified cats and dogs worldwide


palatability tests carried out each year


Panelis sites around the world: France, USA and Brazil

How we evaluate pet food performance

We offer a large range of different pet-friendly methods to help evaluate the performance of different pet food products

Find out more about Panelis, and how we’re enabling our customers to meet the performance demands originated from pet parenting

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Symrise Pet wellbeing

A consistent approach guiding all our actions and decisions

Every advance we make is underpinned by over two decades of experience in delivering reliable, safe, high quality solutions. Our focus on pet well-being is completed with an innovative, sustainably-minded approach.

Pet well-being

The well-being of pets is at the heart of our mission. For us, this commitment starts with ensuring the well-being  of every pet we interact with when developing our solutions.

Happy tasters, reliable answers

One of the core activities of Diana Pet food is to develop palatants that improve the aroma and taste of pet food. As part of our research program, the performance of our solution is systematically assessed by expert cats and dogs hosted in Panelis, our pet-friendly measurement centers.

Panelis has always been strongly committed to pets’ well-being for both ethical and scientific reasons. “Representative and reliable answers can only be obtained with healthy, happy and unstressed pets.” says Christelle Tobie, Panelis Business Development Manager. “At Panelis, cats and dogs enjoy living conditions modeled after real-life home environment. They are actively stimulated and socialized through varied activities such as education, grooming, running and also canine and feline shows with skilled and devoted animal technicians.”

Accountability at all times, alternatives wherever possible

To sustain our commitment to pet well-being, we’ve also created an Animal Ethics Committee that evaluates all research projects involving animals carried out by ourselves and our partners. Members of this committee include internal animal welfare specialists, scientists, and non-scientific employees, as well as external experts. Together, they objectively  ensure that all procedures fully respect the well-being of animals.

In parallel, we work closely with emerging and alternative technologies to enable product development without the use of animal. This includes initiatives such as innovative screening methods conducted with in vitro models based on cat and dog physiology.


Our research and development teams draw on cross-divisional expertise from the entire Symrise Group and beyond — their combined creative and innovative thinking helps transform varied customer briefs into the most effective solutions possible

By bringing cutting-edge solutions to the market, we help customers always stay one step ahead. Our expert scientists investigate the performance drivers for pet food and pet care products, developing partnerships with companies, universities and scientific institutes from around the world. They come together as part of a holistic research and innovation strategy that unites extensive knowledge on product attributes, animal specificities and pet owners’ expectations.


Pet owners are increasingly concerned by the quality and safety of the ingredients and materials in the products they buy for their beloved animals 

We recognize this, and our responsibility to deliver the highest standards and operational excellence across our global supply chain. This means that everything we produce is subject to the strictest safety measures and meets all necessary regional and global standards.

Our global locations

Present on five continents, our global network is made up of 17 industrial sites, 18 sales offices and 3 expert-measurement centers

Thanks to our unique network, manufacturers benefit from local customer service and a supply chain that is both efficient and held to the highest possible standards. We also utilize back-up solutions across the world.

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Our approach to sustainability is born from a desire to get the most from local raw materials: for the long-term good of our business, our customers, our suppliers and the world around us

Sustainable development has been a part of the Diana Pet Food strategy from the very beginning of its existence. Now, Diana Pet Food has joined the Symrise Group-wide approach that encompasses people, pets, and the environment — all based on the four Symrise sustainability pillars of Footprint, Innovation, Sourcing and Care.

Our Group approach to sustainability

Sustainability at Diana Pet Food

always inspiring more...

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