December 2020

Symrise Gardenlab

Scent & Care | Corporate December 14, 2020

The new frontiers of naturals: Garden Lab collection enriches fine fragrances palette with five natural veggie ingredients

— Garden collection opens up new territory of naturals by Symrise

— 100 % natural oils directly from vegetables

— Fragrances from upcycling food byproducts by using patented SymTrap™ technology

— Ingredients obtained in close collaboration with the Nutrition division Diana Food

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Sunscreen products with Neo Heliopan

Scent & Care | Corporate December 10, 2020

Symrise simplifies the development and manufacture of sunscreen products with Neo Heliopan® Flat

— Ingredient offers optimal skin protection thanks to improved UV filter blend

— Cosmetics manufacturers can save energy, time and additional resources

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October 2020

symrise Hogo

Scent & Care | Corporate October 1, 2020

Symrise HOGO, a unique search platform for ingredient selection for modern product protection at the press of a button

— Unique search platform to assist cosmetic formulators in selecting the appropriate ingredients for preservation

— Additional information about dosage and efficacy data

— Goes online on 1 October 2020

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September 2020

Scent & Care | Corporate September 8, 2020

New clinical data suggests: Symrise anti-dandruff active promotes healthy scalp microbiome

— Crinipan® PMC green promotes a healthy scalp microbiome

— New plant-based ingredient performs equal to conventional actives

— Suitable for use in various dandruff control and other scalp care products

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August 2020

Scent & Care | Corporate August 26, 2020

Symrise presents innovative active for itchy scalp and healthy hair

— SymSoft® Scalp combines optimal relief of scalp itchiness with protection of the hair fiber

— For use in shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products

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Scent & Care | Corporate August 19, 2020

SymControl® Scalp normalizes the sebum production on the scalp and promotes healthy hair

— Natural ingredient extracted from Mediterranean algae reducing greasy hair

— SymControl® Scalp won the first prize in the BSB Innovation Award category Natural Products/Raw Materials

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Scent & Care | Corporate August 11, 2020

Symrise: Hydrolite® 5P— multifunctional excipient suitable for pharmaceutical applications

— Multifunctional ingredient with DMF dossier

— Suitable for customers in the pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic industries

— Sustainable and renewable raw material based on up-cycling side streams from the sugar cane industry

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July 2020

Symrise Corporate Logo

Scent & Care | Corporate July 24, 2020

Symrise inaugurates L’appartement Étoile – A Fine Fragrance oasis in the heart of Paris

- Intimate, immersive and collaborative hub for fragrance ideation

- Reinventing and elevating the fine fragrance creative process

- A complete sensorial experience with a lab on-site for real-time evaluation

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Scent & Care | Corporate July 2, 2020

Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients: The beauty experts move into the spotlight with a modern campaign and visual identity

— Brand ambassador conveys values and identity of the division

— Classic and modern media address customers and consumers

— Positioning as responsible producer of cosmetic ingredients

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June 2020


Scent & Care | Corporate | Sustainability June 26, 2020

Symrise strengthens its partnership with CRIEPPAM and supports biodiversity research project for lavender farming

— Research of lavender inter-cropping to support crop resilience against climate change

— To develop practical agricultural techniques to provide additional farm income through inter-cropping and improved lavender yields

— Promote biodiversity and improve soil health in lavender and lavandin fields

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Scent & Care | Corporate June 9, 2020

Symrise SymEffect™ Sun sets new standards for sustainability in sun protection cosmetics

— Natural ingredient for optimized sunscreen formulations

— New ingredient SymEffect™ Sun awarded first prize in the subcategory "Functionals" at the BSB Innovation Awards 2020


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Symrise Corporate Logo

Scent & Care | Corporate June 2, 2020

Symrise produces especially pure cannabidiol (CBD)

— Canapure® is suitable for the same applications as natural cannabidiol (CBD)

— Production meets the quality standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)


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May 2020

Symrise Corporate Logo

Scent & Care | Corporate May 26, 2020

Three Symrise products win first prize at the BSB Innovation Awards 2020

— Crinipan® PMC green, SymControl® Scalp and SymEffect™ Sun from Symrise receive European innovation award

— Positioning as one of the innovation leaders in developing natural ingredients

— Virtual presentation of the awards this year

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Scent & Care | Corporate May 19, 2020

Symrise honors Coronavirus essential workers with HERO cologne

— Fragrance producer donates perfume to those on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis

— Sustainable Eau de Cologne as a sign of appreciation for the work of the heroes

— Company lives the idea of Better Living Through Scent to give a dose of optimism to those fighting the effects of COVID-19


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Symrise Corporate Logo

Scent & Care | Corporate May 11, 2020

Symrise introduces next-generation anti-dandruff active derived from 100 % natural raw materials

— Crinipan® PMC green as effective as traditional anti-dandruff active climbazole

— Innovative micro-activated mode of action

— Launch with an online webinar on 27 of May 2020


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February 2020

Symrise Corporate Logo

Flavor & Nutrition | Scent & Care | Corporate February 5, 2020

Care products for cats and dogs fulfill scent preferences of both pets and their owners for the first time

— Scent and pet experts join forces for unique scent and care solutions fostering pet approved fragrances

— Symrise Consumer Fragrance and Diana Pet Food’s expert brand Odalia working together

— Worldwide market launch for shampoo solutions planned for 2020

— Unique and industry disruptive

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