July 2021

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate July 28, 2021

Symrise business unit Diana Pet Food extends its palatability measurement capabilities in North America

— Opening of pet food measurement center in US

— Offers additional services in the immediate proximity to customers

— Addressing the evolving wishes of pat parents on the North American continent


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Diana Food Sourcing-Expertise

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate July 13, 2021

Symrise Diana Food Deploys a Digital Solution to Enhance Traceability of Global Farming and Sourcing practices

— App collects, structures and coordinates agronomy data from all over the world

— Addresses the market’s increasing demand for transparency, quality, and data accuracy

— Phase one launch planned for October 2021

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Symrise Diana Pet Food opens factory in China

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate July 6, 2021

Symrise Diana Pet Food opens factory in China

— Positioning in a dynamic market with in extended capacities and additional knowhow

— Proximity to local customers and understanding of the market

— Opening the first palatability measurement center in Asia Pacific

— Eco-friendly design and operation according to advances sutainability standards

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June 2021

Cranberry study

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate June 30, 2021

Symrise Diana Food presents new clinical evidence on whole fruit cranberry extract for urinary health; webinar scheduled for July 7

— Study shows clinical evidence of the efficacy of cranberry extracts high in proanthocyanidins as a natural solution to support urinary health in women

— Webinar will provide valuable information to supplement manufacturers looking to develop scientifically-backed, natural solutions to address frequent UTIs

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Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate June 29, 2021

Symrise to invest in Swedish pet health products provider Swedencare

— Strategic investment of 5 % in Swedencare’s capital through acquisition of new shares

— Strong opportunity for collaboration and exploration of additional growth activities in the highly dynamic global pet food market

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Symrise decodes three preferences on sweet taste perception

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate June 22, 2021

Symrise decodes three preferences on sweet taste perception

— Three taste routes to reduce the sugar level while also meeting consumer taste preferences

— Diverse consumer preferences on the ideal level of sweetness

— Taste solutions portfolio evolved to support food & drink manufacturers

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Symrise received offer from Oterra™

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate June 17, 2021

Symrise received offer from Oterra™ to acquire its natural food coloring activities

— Offer has been presented to French Labor Unions today

— Purchase agreement expected to be signed in a few months

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Symrise Opening Dubai

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate June 8, 2021

Symrise opens innovation center in Dubai to shape the future of taste for food in the Middle East

— State-of-the-art center for development, application, and sensory laboratories

— Location in the Iconic Gold Tower in DMCC, JLT to serve the Middle East & Pakistan and support Africa

— In line with the four pillars of Sustainability towards carbon neutral status

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Diana Food, the leader in natural culinary solutions

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate June 1, 2021

Symrise Diana Food introduces a series of recipe videos highlighting their outstanding natural culinary taste solutions

― Videos available from June 1, 2021

― To inspire a culinary voyage around the world

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April 2021

Presenting symlife taste balancing solutions

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate April 8, 2021

Presenting symlife® taste balancing solutions that bring great taste to good-for-you products

— Bridging the taste gap between a healthy diet and consumer preferences

— Balancing the overall taste perception of products with reduced sugar, salt and fat

— Taking a holistic approach with strong emphasis on natural solutions

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February 2021

A range of organic and animal welfare chicken

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate | Sustainability February 11, 2021

Diana Food launches a range of organic and animal welfare chicken solutions

— Product offerings designed to meet rising consumer demand for ethical ingredients

— Provides food manufacturers with high-performing, great-tasting poultry solutions made from organic and animal welfare compliant raw materials

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January 2021

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate January 22, 2021

Diana Food receives Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards nomination for waste management strategy

— Recognition for excellent waste management throughout the business

— Long history in valorization of side streams and circular economy models

— Capturing of highly nutritious active plant ingredients

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