December 2020

Three CDP A grades

Corporate | Financial | Sustainability December 8, 2020

Three CDP A grades: Symrise ranks among the top ten most sustainable companies in the world

— The Holzminden Group achieves the top grade of A in all three categories

— Non-profit organization CDP assesses companies’ climate protection, water usage and forest conservation actions

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November 2020

Corporate | Sustainability November 16, 2020

DQS presents Symrise with sustainability award

— Holzminden-based group receives prize from German Society for Sustainability (DQS)

— Special prize for sustainable development along the entire value chain

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Discontinues use of plastic

Corporate | Sustainability November 5, 2020

Symrise discontinues use of plastic

— Flavor division quality control uses tasting cups made entirely of recycled cardboard

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Symrise supports Germany’s climate policy goals

Corporate | Sustainability November 4, 2020

Symrise supports Germany’s climate policy goals

— Symrise joins cross-sector network Klimaschutz-Unternehmen e. V.

— Initiative to collaborate on innovative solutions to achieve Germany’s climate policy goals

— Symrise is committed to ambitious climate goals

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August 2020

Corporate | Financial | Sustainability August 14, 2020

Symrise commits to sustainable supply chains

— 33 companies and organizations support German supply chain act

— Focus on sustainability, transparency and living conditions for local producers

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Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate | Sustainability August 13, 2020

Symrise and Kellogg Company achieve ambitious goal of ‘100% responsibly sourced vanilla by 2020’

— Partnership drives impact at the source of vanilla farming in Madagascar

— “Symrise and Friends” partnerships support the next generation of vanilla farmers

— 365 days a year presence to ensure quality, certainty and safeguard the social and natural environments

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July 2020

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate | Sustainability July 3, 2020

South Africa: Symrise promotes sustainable cultivation of white grapefruit in KwaZulu-Natal

— Stable, sustainable grapefruit supply aiming at a positive impact on local communities

— Enlargement of Citrus sustainability footprint beyond Bergamot in Calabria

— Provision of signature grapefruit taste to consumers around the world

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June 2020


Scent & Care | Corporate | Sustainability June 26, 2020

Symrise strengthens its partnership with CRIEPPAM and supports biodiversity research project for lavender farming

— Research of lavender inter-cropping to support crop resilience against climate change

— To develop practical agricultural techniques to provide additional farm income through inter-cropping and improved lavender yields

— Promote biodiversity and improve soil health in lavender and lavandin fields

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recover better

Corporate | Sustainability June 22, 2020

Focus on coronavirus: Symrise supports climate-friendly economic development

— 154 international companies jointly address the topic

— Science Based Targets initiative: Link economic development programs to climate protection


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February 2020

A rating from CDP

Corporate | Financial | Sustainability February 3, 2020

Symrise receives international “A” rating from CDP for outstanding environmental protection

— Water rating from CDP awards Symrise a place on the non-profit organization’s prestigious A-list

— Forest protection measures also recognized with a “Leadership A-” rating

— Leading position in the three CDP rating categories of climate, water and forests

— Performance among the best of more than 8,400 companies reporting worldwide

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January 2020


Corporate | Financial | Sustainability January 20, 2020

Symrise receives top score of A in international climate protection rating

— Prestigious nonprofit organization CDP awards Symrise highest ranking

— Key climate figures from the Holzminden-based Group among the best of more than 8,400 analyzed companies from around the world

— Symrise reduces greenhouse gas emissions by one-third ahead of schedule

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