September 2020

vanilla from Madagascar

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate September 25, 2020

Symrise brings customers and consumers closest to the source of vanilla from Madagascar

— Ensuring the highest quality of vanilla and security of supply

— Creating certainty through a transparent, traceable value chain

— Strengthening local communities by sharing value with farmers, as we create enjoyment of great taste for our customers and their consumers

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Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate September 23, 2020

Symrise Division Diana Food launches the first clean label, organic and Fair Trade acerola powder

— Supports increasing consumer demand for clean and healthy ingredients

— Sourced from the highest quality raw material from Brazil

— First ingredient supplier to offer fair trade certified acerola powder

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sustainable packaging

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate September 10, 2020

Symrise advances sustainable packaging

— less weight, plastic and waste

— intensive cooperation with customers and suppliers

— Cardboard box pilot project for carbon offsetting supports climate-neutral ambition

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August 2020

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate August 20, 2020

Study reveals importance of naturalness to food and beverage consumers in Latin America

— Consumers look for great taste experiences and are willing to pay more for naturalness

— Key words such as “natural”, “organic” and “fresh” influence product appeal

— Symrise code of nature® addresses evolving consumer needs based on the promise to deliver the authentic taste of nature

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Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate | Sustainability August 13, 2020

Symrise and Kellogg Company achieve ambitious goal of ‘100% responsibly sourced vanilla by 2020’

— Partnership drives impact at the source of vanilla farming in Madagascar

— “Symrise and Friends” partnerships support the next generation of vanilla farmers

— 365 days a year presence to ensure quality, certainty and safeguard the social and natural environments

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July 2020

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate | Sustainability July 3, 2020

South Africa: Symrise promotes sustainable cultivation of white grapefruit in KwaZulu-Natal

— Stable, sustainable grapefruit supply aiming at a positive impact on local communities

— Enlargement of Citrus sustainability footprint beyond Bergamot in Calabria

— Provision of signature grapefruit taste to consumers around the world

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May 2020

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate May 20, 2020

Corona pandemic is changing consumer behavior in Asia

— Growth in food delivery and take-away orders

— Increased online food shopping activity

— Continued trust in local suppliers and healthy eating

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April 2020

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate April 1, 2020

Symrise joins KitchenTown Berlin, supporting food start-ups with expert knowledge

— Combined know-how to help shape a sustainable food system

— Food and taste experts support start-ups

— Unique collaboration to accelerate innovation cycle


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February 2020

Symrise Corporate Logo

Flavor & Nutrition | Scent & Care | Corporate February 5, 2020

Care products for cats and dogs fulfill scent preferences of both pets and their owners for the first time

— Scent and pet experts join forces for unique scent and care solutions fostering pet approved fragrances

— Symrise Consumer Fragrance and Diana Pet Food’s expert brand Odalia working together

— Worldwide market launch for shampoo solutions planned for 2020

— Unique and industry disruptive

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