September 2021

Corporate | Financial September 4, 2021

Symrise joins the DAX

— Admission to the DAX 40 on 20 September 2021

— Result of the strategy geared towards long-term profitable growth

— Symrise intends to consistently achieve sustainable increase in value

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Strategic partnership with Kobo

Scent & Care | Corporate September 1, 2021

Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients to enter strategic partnership with Kobo to expand sunscreen and color cosmetics business

— Acquisition of 25 % minority interest in US-headquartered Kobo Products, Inc., including an agreement regarding the future disposition of Kobo´s shares

— Symrise to become a Kobo distribution partner for inorganic UV filters

— Strategic partnership will accelerate global growth strategy in cosmetic ingredients

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August 2021

Interim Group Report H1 2021

Corporate | Financial August 5, 2021

Symrise achieves strong sales and earnings growth in the first half year of 2021

— Sales increase of 9.7 % in organic terms

— High level of profitability with EBITDA margin of 22.0 %

— Targets for 2021 raised: Sales are projected to grow organically by more than 7 %, EBITDA margin forecast to be over 21 %

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Scent & Care | Corporate August 3, 2021

Symrise Perfumery School is recruiting the next generation of fragrance professionals

— Search for students from North America and Latin America

— To shape the future of the industry with fresh ideas and modern fragrance solutions

— To foster a community committed to diversity, innovation and sustainability

— 3+2 format: 3 years at Symrise and 2 years at Symrise worldwide Creative Centers


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July 2021

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate July 28, 2021

Symrise business unit Diana Pet Food extends its palatability measurement capabilities in North America

— Opening of pet food measurement center in US

— Offers additional services in the immediate proximity to customers

— Addressing the evolving wishes of pat parents on the North American continent


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Lilybelle® by Symrise

Scent & Care | Corporate July 15, 2021

Lilybelle® by Symrise: Lily of the valley fragrance ingredient from renewable sources

— Sustainable, flowery-fresh lily of the valley fragrance

— 83 percent of raw material from renewable sources

— Readily biodegradable


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Diana Food Sourcing-Expertise

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate July 13, 2021

Symrise Diana Food Deploys a Digital Solution to Enhance Traceability of Global Farming and Sourcing practices

— App collects, structures and coordinates agronomy data from all over the world

— Addresses the market’s increasing demand for transparency, quality, and data accuracy

— Phase one launch planned for October 2021

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Symrise launches SymReboot OC

Scent & Care | Corporate July 8, 2021

Symrise launches SymReboot™ OC, its first processed probiotic dedicated to oral care

— Sustains the oral cavity’s instinctive defenses and supports a healthy balance of the oral microbiome

— Promotes healthy gums, strengthens the oral cavity barrier

— Soothes and protects from harmful bacteria

— Suits a wide range of oral care products incl. toothpaste, mouthwash, gum care and lozenges


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Symrise Diana Pet Food opens factory in China

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate July 6, 2021

Symrise Diana Pet Food opens factory in China

— Positioning in a dynamic market with in extended capacities and additional knowhow

— Proximity to local customers and understanding of the market

— Opening the first palatability measurement center in Asia Pacific

— Eco-friendly design and operation according to advances sutainability standards

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Crinipan PMC green

Scent & Care | Corporate July 1, 2021

Current in vivo data underlines: next generation dandruff control by Symrise as effective as conventional solutions

— Crinipan® PMC green significantly reduces dandruff on scalp

— Novel plant-based ingredient performs equal to conventional active ingredients like climbazole and piroctone olamine

— Eco-friendly solution for use in various dandruff control and other scalp care products

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June 2021

Cranberry study

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate June 30, 2021

Symrise Diana Food presents new clinical evidence on whole fruit cranberry extract for urinary health; webinar scheduled for July 7

— Study shows clinical evidence of the efficacy of cranberry extracts high in proanthocyanidins as a natural solution to support urinary health in women

— Webinar will provide valuable information to supplement manufacturers looking to develop scientifically-backed, natural solutions to address frequent UTIs

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Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate June 29, 2021

Symrise to invest in Swedish pet health products provider Swedencare

— Strategic investment of 5 % in Swedencare’s capital through acquisition of new shares

— Strong opportunity for collaboration and exploration of additional growth activities in the highly dynamic global pet food market

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The Fragrance of Forests

Scent & Care | Corporate June 24, 2021

“The Fragrance of Forests” continues sustainably Symrise confirms FSC® Chain of Custody certification

— 2021 FSC® Chain of Custody audit accomplished successfully

— First and only producer in its industry to achieve the certification (FSC-139971)

— Reflects renewable and sustainable raw material source for the certified ingredients

— Supports growing customer demand for FSC® certified products from responsible sources


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Symrise decodes three preferences on sweet taste perception

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate June 22, 2021

Symrise decodes three preferences on sweet taste perception

— Three taste routes to reduce the sugar level while also meeting consumer taste preferences

— Diverse consumer preferences on the ideal level of sweetness

— Taste solutions portfolio evolved to support food & drink manufacturers

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Hydrolite 7 green launch

Scent & Care | Corporate June 21, 2021

Symrise announces Hydrolite® 7 green, the 100% bio-based next generation cosmetic multifunctional

— 100% bio-based, nature-derived, clear, colorless liquid

— Suits a variety of traditional or natural/green cosmetic formulations and all skin types

— Truly unique with multiple patent applications and high performance properties

— Enhances product protection, enhances antioxidants, masks/reduces malodor, solubilizes lipophilic ingredients, enhances product...

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Symrise received offer from Oterra™

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate June 17, 2021

Symrise received offer from Oterra™ to acquire its natural food coloring activities

— Offer has been presented to French Labor Unions today

— Purchase agreement expected to be signed in a few months

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Symotion gets started with current website

Corporate June 15, 2021

Symrise logistics: Good. Goods. Symotion gets started with current website

— Website presents comprehensive logistics portfolio

— Logistics services for both Symrise and external customers

— Proximity to parent company via common graphic elements

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Symrise Opening Dubai

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate June 8, 2021

Symrise opens innovation center in Dubai to shape the future of taste for food in the Middle East

— State-of-the-art center for development, application, and sensory laboratories

— Location in the Iconic Gold Tower in DMCC, JLT to serve the Middle East & Pakistan and support Africa

— In line with the four pillars of Sustainability towards carbon neutral status

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Diana Food, the leader in natural culinary solutions

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate June 1, 2021

Symrise Diana Food introduces a series of recipe videos highlighting their outstanding natural culinary taste solutions

― Videos available from June 1, 2021

― To inspire a culinary voyage around the world

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May 2021

Symrise invests in product innovation

Scent & Care | Corporate May 27, 2021

Symrise invests in product innovation for textured hair from Infinite Looks

— Co-financing a capital increase of $ 4.2 million in the growing segment of textured hair care

— Expansion of market insight and joint development of tailored hair care products

— Focus on products for active women with textured hair

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International Day for Biological Diversity

Corporate May 22, 2021

International Day for Biological Diversity: Symrise is committed

— Promotion of sustainable biodiversity initiatives on a global level

— Responsible procurement of biological resources through sustainable backward integration

— Biological diversity as basis of existence and cornerstone of Scent, Taste, Nutrition and Care

— Expansion of pioneering role in the protection of biodiversity and sustainable business activity


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Symrise flags

Corporate | Financial May 10, 2021

Symrise signs € 500 million sustainability-linked Revolving Credit Facility

— Revolving Credit Facility replaces existing € 300 million RCF

— Interest margin directly tied to three sustainablity KPIs around greenhouse gas emissions, sourcing and water consumption

— Sustainability-linked margin adjustments to support projects by “Save the Children” in Madagascar

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April 2021

Trading update January – March 2021

Corporate | Financial April 28, 2021

Symrise starts dynamically into the fiscal year 2021

— Organic growth of 10.5 % in the first quarter

— Group sales rise to € 950 million

— Targets for 2021 and medium-term targets until 2025 confirmed

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Symrise launches HydrolexTM E

Scent & Care | Corporate April 22, 2021

Symrise launches Hydrolex™ E, a multifunctional solution to protect modern cosmetic formulations

— High quality humectant and emollient that helps with product protection

— Practically odour-free, ideal for a wide range of ‘clean’ formulations

— Perfectly complements Symrise’s other multifunctional ingredients and preservatives

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Symrise SymReboot™ L19

Scent & Care | Corporate April 13, 2021

New data underlines efficacy of Symrise SymReboot™ L19 as a processed-probiotic scalp solution in shampoo

— Visibly reduces scalp dryness and dry dandruff flakes after only 2 weeks

— Soothes scalp redness and itching and promotes a healthy scalp microbiome

— Combines innovation from two key areas: probiotics and sensitive skin

— Opens up new horizons for cosmetics manufacturers using probiotic ingredients

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Presenting symlife taste balancing solutions

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate April 8, 2021

Presenting symlife® taste balancing solutions that bring great taste to good-for-you products

— Bridging the taste gap between a healthy diet and consumer preferences

— Balancing the overall taste perception of products with reduced sugar, salt and fat

— Taking a holistic approach with strong emphasis on natural solutions

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Symrise flags

Scent & Care | Corporate April 6, 2021

Symrise reorganizes business with cosmetic ingredients and perfume compositions

— Dr. Jörn Andreas taking responsibility for the Cosmetic Ingredients division

— Eder Ramos becoming responsible for the Fragrance division

— Geared towards growth of rapidly expanding divisions and customer-oriented service models

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March 2021

Responsible sourcing symrise acerola

Corporate | Sustainability March 16, 2021

Symrise joins AIM-Progress initiative for more sustainable and equitable supply chains

— Initiative promotes sustainability and respect for human rights

— Improved cooperation with customers and suppliers

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Scent & Care | Corporate | Sustainability March 11, 2021

Symrise & Van Aroma launch ‘Nilampedia’ – A learning platform for patchouli farmers in Indonesia

— Online platform to educate and communicate with patchouli farmers on sustainable cultivation

— Focus on addressing fundamental issues at farm level through Good Agricultural practices

— Close to 2K subscribers on YouTube

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Company Report 2020

Corporate | Financial March 9, 2021

Symrise delivers reliable, profitable growth during the exceptional year 2020

— Group sales in reporting currency up 3.3 % to € 3,520 million

— Operating result (EBITDA) significantly above prior-year figure (+5.8 %) at € 742 million

— EBITDA margin increases to 21.1 %

— Dividend increase proposed from € 0.95 to € 0.97 per share

— Outlook for 2021: Symrise expects sales growth of 5 to 7 % and EBITDA margin of around 21 %

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February 2021

Symrise upgrades online platform for aroma molecules

Scent & Care | Corporate February 24, 2021

Symrise upgrades online platform for aroma molecules

— Ingredient Finder provides comprehensive information on fragrance, flavoring and pharma portfolio

— Easy to use thanks to a clear design and many filter functions

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A range of organic and animal welfare chicken

Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate | Sustainability February 11, 2021

Diana Food launches a range of organic and animal welfare chicken solutions

— Product offerings designed to meet rising consumer demand for ethical ingredients

— Provides food manufacturers with high-performing, great-tasting poultry solutions made from organic and animal welfare compliant raw materials

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CDP 2020

Corporate | Financial | Sustainability February 9, 2021

CDP rating: Symrise receives award for effective climate protection in the supply chain

— Holzminden-based Group makes it into the top seven percent

— Non-profit organization CDP surveyed 9,600 companies and their suppliers

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Corporate | Financial February 3, 2021

Changes to the Executive Board of Symrise AG as of 1 April 2021

— Heinrich Schaper, President of the Flavor segment, to enter retirement

— Combination of the segments Flavor & Nutrition into one segment headed by Dr Jean-Yves Parisot

— Resignation of Achim Daub, President of Scent & Care, by mutal agreement

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January 2021

Corporate | Financial January 26, 2021

Symrise discloses sales figures and confirms profitability target for full year 2020

— Solid growth despite global coronavirus pandemic and cybersecurity attack in mid-December

— Organic sales growth of 2.7 % in the financial year 2020

— Group sales in reporting currency up 3.3 % to € 3.521 billion

— Profitability target for 2020 confirmed / expected EBITDA margin at the lower end of the guidance range of 21 to 22 %

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Flavor & Nutrition | Corporate January 22, 2021

Diana Food receives Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards nomination for waste management strategy

— Recognition for excellent waste management throughout the business

— Long history in valorization of side streams and circular economy models

— Capturing of highly nutritious active plant ingredients

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Corporate January 21, 2021

Symrise blog – always inspiring more …

— Inspiring stories about Symrise topics from the consumer’s perspective

— Captivating content from the worlds of scent, taste, care and nutrition

— Lifestyle and knowledge platform for aficionados of all kinds

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