December 2015

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Scent & Care | Corporate December 8, 2015

The Symrise Genealogy of Fine Fragrances Is Going Digital

— Mobile App for online instant fragrance search

— User friendly navigation through a comprehensive fragrance map

— Zoom-in/zoom-out fragrance (family) search

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Scent & Care | Corporate December 1, 2015

Creative and Inspiring Masterminds: Symrise Honors Seven Perfumers with Awards

— Four Master Perfumers for outstanding creative skills appointed

— Three Special Awards for exceptional achievements in perfumery

— Acknowledgment of contribution to Symrise fragrance expertise

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November 2015

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Scent & Care | Corporate November 23, 2015

Take-over of Pinova Holdings creates new opportunities for Scent & Care: Acquisition adds renewable ingredients to strengthen perfume creation capabilities

Symrise Scent & Care has a clear ambition: To create a comprehensive library of raw materials and ingredients based on renewable resources. The acquisition of Pinova Holdings, Inc. (Brunswick, Georgia, USA), one of the leading suppliers of ingredients made from natural feedstock, allows Symrise to further pursue this vision of sustainability. The take-over not only...

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Scent & Care November 19, 2015

The Future Generations - Scents & Sensibilities: Symrise Explores the Lifestyles and Fragrance Preferences of Young Consumers

— Developed to understand various facets of Generations Y and Z

— Investment in primary research focusing on the lives of girls aged 14-17 years

— Translation of findings into fragrance and product concepts


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Scent & Care | Corporate November 4, 2015

IFSCC Poster Award for Symrise Research in Pollution Effects on Skin

— IFSCC Best Poster Award out of 222 applicants

— Highlights impact of air pollution on skin

— Offers skin care solutions with cosmetic ingredients

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September 2015

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Scent & Care | Corporate September 25, 2015

Symrise Opens Expanded Production Plant for Cosmetic Ingredients

— Significant increase of production capacities for cosmetic ingredients in Holzminden

— Increased flexibility and backward integration of key raw materials

— Strengthened competitiveness as a provider of product solutions for cosmetics

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Scent & Care | Financial September 21, 2015

Symrise AG expands in the Scent & Care segment through acquisition of US-based Pinova Holdings, Inc.

— Acquisition of operational companies Pinova and Renessenz

— Complementary acquisition to further strengthen the ingredients business, in particular for the perfume and cosmetics industry

— Leading supplier of ingredients from renewable sources

— Expansion of forward integration as menthol supplier

— Purchase price at US$ 397 million


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June 2015

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Scent & Care | Corporate June 25, 2015

Four Times a Winner: Cosmetic Ingredients and Concepts by Symrise

— Beiersdorf Pearlfinder Innovation Award for concepts with Ecoparque raw materials

— BSB Awards for cosmetic ingredients


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Scent & Care | Corporate June 15, 2015

PCHi 2015: SymRepair® 100 Wins Breakthrough Innovation Award

— Breakthrough Innovation Award for SymRepair® 100

— Solutions for pollution-stressed and sensitive skin on display

— Targeted approach to Asian consumer preferences

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April 2015

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Scent & Care | Corporate April 10, 2015

Excellence in perfumery - Symrise wins French FiFi Award 2015

— Symrise among the winners of the French FiFi Awards 2015

— Successful in the category Best Feminine Mass Market Perfume

— Prize for L’Oréal Eau Jeune Double Je

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March 2015

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Scent & Care March 18, 2015

A Day in the Life of… with Solutions for Sensitive Skin: Symrise at in-cosmetics 2015 in Barcelona

— Product solutions for sensitive skin

— Natural collections: flower extracts and plant juices

— SymOcide® PH, a broad-spectrum preservative blend

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February 2015

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Scent & Care February 12, 2015

Into the Blue: Symrise Partners with CRIEPPAM in Energy-Efficient Lavender Sourcing

— Financial support of CRIEPPAM for energy-efficient harvesting and distillation of lavender

— Superior essential oil quality

— Improves environmental footprint of key natural raw materials


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January 2015

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Flavor & Nutrition | Scent & Care January 22, 2015

The Latina Connection – Conexión Latina: Symrise Launches Hispanic Program for Beauty, Household and Oral Care

— Positioning as experts in developing F&F solutions for the fast-growing Hispanic consumer group

— Cross-category approach for fragrances and flavors in beauty, household and oral care

— Introduction at the ACI in Orlando in January 2015


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