September 2017

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Scent & Care | Corporate September 28, 2017

HairS’17: Three Research Approaches for Healthy Hair With One Award on Hair Specification Study

— Causes for hair damage revealed

— Award acknowledges Symrise hair expertise

— Findings crucial for cutting-edge hair care treatments

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Scent & Care September 21, 2017

Symrise Launches KeraSym™ Rescue at in-cosmetics in São Paulo

— Symrise presents natural hair care innovation in Latin America

— Amazon complex repairs and protects hair damaged by bleaching and dyeing

— Technical seminar about the product at in-cosmetics LATAM


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August 2017

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Scent & Care August 30, 2017

SymBright™ Protects Skin from Overreactions to Aggressive Environmental Influences

— SymBright™ promotes an even complexion and protects against hyperpigmentation induced by urban exposome

— Suitable for use in all skin care products like creams, lotions, after-sun care and deodorants


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Scent & Care August 1, 2017

Symrise Partners with Green Chemistry & Commerce Council to Sponsor a Global Preservative Challenge

— Up to 5 cash prizes from a prize pool of USD 175,000

— For the development of newer, safer and more effective preservatives

— As a leading provider of preservatives, Symrise supports the innovation contest


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June 2017

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Scent & Care | Corporate June 16, 2017

Symrise receives Fragrance Foundation Award 2017

— Fragrance Foundation Perfume Extraordinaire Award for Quartana Parfums’ Poppy Soma

— Created by Symrise Master Perfumer Emilie Coppermann and David Apel

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Scent & Care | Corporate June 2, 2017

Symrise unveils Creative Centre in Mumbai to enable innovation and customer proximity

— Creative & development hub in Mumbai as part of global innovation initiatives launched

— Houses state-of-the-art development lab for fragrances and cosmetic ingredients

— Consumer interaction centres, offices and to serve as national hub for oral care and cosmetic ingredient development

— Unveils cutting-edge technology to map consumer insights and preferences


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May 2017

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Scent & Care | Corporate May 24, 2017

Symrise Launches New Asia-Pacific Innovation and Technology Centre

— Innovation-centric expansion to boost regional and local food manufacturing capabilities

— To contribute to Singapore’s vision of becoming Asia’s regional food & nutrition hub

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Scent & Care May 4, 2017

Symrise: Global Expansion of Product Protection Category with Two Industry Experts

— Yohanna Sander and Susan Pungitore join Symrise’s Cosmetic Ingredients team.

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April 2017

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Scent & Care | Corporate April 27, 2017

Cosmetic ingredients Thermolat® and Dragosine® awarded with BSB Innovation Prizes in London

— Symrise’s innovative warming ingredient Thermolat® won the category Cosmetics/Innovative Ingredients/functionals and recipients


— Multifunctional anti-aging peptide Dragosine® won 3rd prize in the category Cosmetics/Innovative Ingredients/actives and naturals


— The awards underscore the Holzminden-based company’s outstanding market position

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March 2017

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Scent & Care March 30, 2017

Symrise at in-cosmetics 2017: Focus on Natural Skin Brightening and Warming Ingredients

— Symrise showcases novel care solutions at in-cosmetics 2017 in London

— Skin and hair protection from environmental pollution and sun remain central issues

— Pleasant warming substance for cosmetics

— Wheat protein derivative supplies rich nutrients and visible effects for hair care

— Arctic plants as source for powerful antioxidants

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Scent & Care | Corporate March 1, 2017

Cosmetic Ingredients SymUrban® and Thermolat® Win PCHi Awards 2017

— Awards path-breaking for the Asian market

— Presentation of innovative products relating to the main topics of the trade show


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